In San Diego, California_ Dr. Nasrin Mojaver a San Diego dentist is going beyond following the CDC recommendations to take patient temperaures, extra hand washing by patients and the staff, staggering patients and taking more time to wipe the rooms and all the front desk surfaces and door handles by using a laser for fillings and other dental procedures to significantly improve the safety of her patients and staff and minimizing the aerosol generation at Pearl Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.

Dr. Nasrin mojaver  invested in a technological enhancement to her Solea  laser.

It boasts a surface temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius that kills viruses, and reduces dental splatter and aerosols by up to 95% compared to traditional hand pieces, drills or other lasers.

The American Dental Association is recommending dentists use clinical techniques that “reduce aerosol production as much as possible, as the transmission of COVID-19 seems to occur via droplets and aerosols.”

With Solea there is very minimal mist generated or if any mist that is generated,  the laser puff vaporizes the bacteria and  viruses in that area. Any mist that is a lot cleaner.

Patient Mat Keane said he, his wife and three young kids have been extremely cautious to limit their exposure, but he needed to come in to Dr. Nasrin Mojaver  for treatment.

“I have trust in my dentist I know she will do the necessary effort to make sure we are safe by using the latest technology. Certainly that’s the way she handled things,” he said.

We are using the Solea laser for fillings, bonding, and gum treatments, crowns, crown lengthening, pulpotomies and for children without or very little numbing. This enables us to perform same day dentistry and start fillings immediately since patients do not need to wait for numbing. This minimizes shots, stitches and bleeding or return visits, and less exposure.

With less water, and air, and  not using anesthetic as often, we are eliminating another port of entry.

We look forward to be using our laser and Cerec same day crown technologies for years to come, to protect everyone all the times, not just now, but in the future, like flu season.

Whether it’s COVID virus or some other virus or bacteria, we can reduce the aerosol and reduce the risk starting now,  It’s beneficial for me, it’s beneficial for my family, for my staff and my staff’s families and most importantly for my patients and their families. Everyone is entrusting their health and their well-being when they visit us.

Pearl Cosmetic and Family Dentistry