Six Month Orthodontics

“Six Month Orthodontics” is the name of an orthodontic treatment, which is a testament of the modern advancements made in dentistry. Six-month braces, as the name suggests, are an orthodontic appliance that have treatment times that take an average of 6 months to complete. Depending on the severity of the treatment, the treatment times can accordingly vary. However, the 6-month treatment period is an attractive and short solution to problems associated with bad bite or malocclusion, and poor dental esthetics.

ZA39 before six month braces and crowns

ZA39 after six month braces and before crowns, chipped and cracked teeth

ZA40 after six month braces and crowns

Six-Month Orthodontics Objective

Usually, patients who want to improve their smile seek orthodontic treatments. However, an orthodontist recommends six-month braces for the improvement of the affects of a malocclusion. Chewing food can become difficult and cleaning teeth can become harder because of an improper bite or malocclusion. This can result in more problems like gum disease, possible tooth loss, and tooth decay. Additionally, the enamel of your teeth can abnormally wear out because of an improper bite, and problems and pains with the jaw can also occur because of it.

Six-Month Orthodontics Candidacy

As long as a an orthodontic appliance can be used to treat a dental problem, then applying the six-month braces can prove to be effective in such cases. Six-month braces can be used to treat the following common oral health problems:

– Anterior crossbites
– Bite problems
– Crowded teeth
– Overbites
– Spaced teeth
– Treatments in which orthodontics are required before veneer placement
– Underbites

Biting, chewing, and speaking become more effective when the teeth are straight. Straight teeth contribute to your overall appearance, as well as healthy gums and teeth. Teeth also look better, and a smile looks attractive when the teeth are properly aligned, and this is why patients opt for professional orthodontic treatment.

Your Orthodontic Evaluation

Once you have consulted your dentist regarding your smile and teeth, your dentist will evaluate your bite to develop an independent treatment plan, which will include:

– Facial, functional and oral evaluation (examination)
– Cephalometric (analysis of head) and panoramic X-rays
– Intraoral and facial photographs
– Impressions for models of the bite and teeth

Six-Month Braces vs. Traditional Braces

A light continuous force is exerted by the wires used during six-month orthodontics when applying these braces. As a result of which the teeth are forced to move in a comfortable, gentler and effective manner. Six-month braces are more comfortable alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments

Other Benefits of Six-Month Braces

Additionally, along with the comfortable and quick treatment time, other benefits are also offered by six-month braces. Both clear braces and metal braces can be used when applying six-month braces. An “invisible” method can also be used for patients who want a more image-conscious treatment in which braces are placed behind the teeth. This way, the teeth are straightened and a professional image can be maintained by patients.

If you are wondering if you should opt for six-month orthodontics, then you should consider consulting Dr. Mojaver, who happens specialize in this orthodontic procedure. Most likely, Dr. Mojaver will inform you that you qualify for this type of treatments and you will surely be impressed with the results.