Before Maryland bridge replacing missing teeth with failed composite filings

25 year old female with congenitally missing lateral teeth. She had composite bridge placed 5 years ago and the bridges were breaking and stained. She did not want to have her adjacent teeth compromised with traditional bridges and requested to have Emax Cerec same day Maryland bridge. You can see the conservative transformation of her smile with the before and after photos.

Other options for missing teeth are implants, traditional bridges and removable bridges. Ideally implants are the most long lasting replacement option, however the patient could not afford the cost at this time.

She was very happy and excited with her smile after Dr. Nasrin Mojaver replaced the old composite Maryland bridge. She mentioned that she was not smiling before and now she can’t stop smiling. It has been my pleasure to treat Shannon and her family for the past few years. Contact us for more information and a consult on the same day crowns and smile enhancement.


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