Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Hello, my name is Touran and work with Dr. Mojaver as her dental hygienist. I have lived in the Rancho Bernardo area for the past 27 years. I  have two children who went to Rancho Bernardo High School. I have been a Dental Hygienist for 31 years. I have had experience working for both general dentists and Periodontists and specialize in Periodontal Disease. I look forward to meeting all of Dr. Mojaver patients. I can perform Spa Dentistry which includes aroma therapy, facial massage and an eye pillow for deeper relaxation. I can also use hypo therapy for even deeper sedation when necessary. I love to ride my bike to work and compete in yearly triathlons. I play tennis and do yoga. Exercise and nutrition are a very important part of my life and I can share my knowledge with you. Physical health including your mouth and smile are of upmost importance. Periodontal Disease is a disease that affects most everyone at some point in there life. It can be become a chronic problem if not taken care of properly. Every patient I see will be given a periodontal exam and I will give you an assessment of the health of your gums. Gum and the bone underneath are the supporting structures of your teeth and mouth and deserve the greatest care. Periodontal Disease is rated as gingivitis or early periodontal disease, moderate gum disease or advanced disease. Every patient should know where they are at in relationship to the health of there gums. Please make an appointment and I look forward to meeting you and being of service to you and your community.


Front desk staff, Patient Advocate

Glenda-300x200I was born and raised in Sacramento, California.  I have three sisters whom all live in Northern California. I have a wonderful husband John, two grown sons. and five grandchildren I have been in the field of Dentistry for over 40 years. I am very lucky that I work for a wonderful dentist Dr. Mojaver and her wonderful assistant Solhiyeh.