Digital x-rays

One of the most complicated and a specialized field of medicine is Dentistry. At least one in every three individuals has had a dental problem. This is because the human tooth is an essential tool in our lives. Our teeth dictate what we can eat and what we cannot. The field of Dentistry involves the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases that affect the oral cavity and also the effect on the facial area of the human body.

The human tooth has one of the most sensitive nerves in the human body and can cause the body a great amount of pain when inflamed. There are several known dental diseases that can be properly diagnosed and treated in time through a number of ways. These include root canalling, filling of cavities and extraction of the affected tooth.

The key importance in the field is the technology involved in the dental procedures. One of the most important is the digital X-Ray machine like Dexis. These machines provide high quality images of the teeth and bone while the flesh appears invisible. This is because the teeth and bone absorb the x-rays due to their density as compared to flesh. With the innovation of these machines over a century ago, the dental practice has been elevated to new heights.